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When heaven and earth parted, the gods were lonely

The lofty peak of Mt.Fuji, the high and precious Suruga  

Heaven's Harmony

Even the shadows hide, I can't even see the shining moonlight

Even the white clouds keep disappearing

Time will tell when the snow will fall

The high peak of Mt.Fuji that continues to blow

Yu Tago no Ura If you go out of your house, it's white. 

Snow falls on the high peak of Mt.Fuji 


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Pneuma originally meant breath, wind, air, but in Greek philosophy it was the principle of existence.


Anaximenes made the origin of all things, the substance that encompasses the entire universe.


Hippocrates and others believed that pneuma (spirit, air, breath) in the air was taken into the body and energized the living body. Galen also considered the natural spirit in the liver, the vital spirit (pneuma zoticon) in the heart, and the animal spirit (pneuma physicon) in the brain.

In Mt.Fuji area, there is a word "Fuji no Oiki" .It's direct meaning is respectful breathing of Mt.Fuji.If you want, you can directly feel this breath when you are climbing up the Mt.Fuji.Last time I felt "Oiki" I was at 2800m of Mt.Fuji with Mountain Monks "YAMABUSHI". After 30mins from the amazing view of dawn, the sun worms up all the atmosphere around the Mt. Fuji. Gradually, you can feel the cool wind from the gigantic forest underneath.  Mt. Fuji becomes like Super Siyan, literally.


This is Pneuma.







Pneuma has professionals who specialize in each field.



Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida City Arakura 2680-16 Protion Kawaguchiko 316issue


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