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Management philosophy


just create

    I have always thought about the immensity of heaven and earth, the flow of distant times, and its endlessness. The credibility of what has been considered common sense is fading, and expectations are gathering for what has been considered insane. There is no clear answer to the judgment criteria of what is good and what is bad. Exactly, there is a constant echo.

By the way, what about Mt. Fuji? Mount Fuji has immutable value.

Just as Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, the fact that it is a mountain of great significance to the Japanese people will also remain unchanged.

Also, interestingly, the meaning of Mt. Fuji changes depending on the times and people.

In addition to the meaning of "Fuji" meaning a rich person, the sound of FUJI has various meanings, such as "Fuji" meaning no two, "Fujitsu" meaning never ending, and "Fukuji" meaning happy love. has been given.

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