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Let me tell you, Masago Hama no Masago Goemon left a song about the thief, the seed of which is not exhausted, Shichirigahama Shichirigahama, that night of white waves, I will tell you what happened before in Enoshima. , the child of the indentured worker is a deep-fried strawberry, and at the Hyakumi-ko Hyakumi, he throws out a handful of coins, a small plate of one coin, a hundred, two hundred, and a coin offering. During lectures at Noboru Kami no Miya, Iwamoto-in, he repeatedly searched for pillows, and was finally kicked out of the island with a bill attached to the Ocho lecture. Otowaya, who heard it, extorted him with an unfamiliar tone of voice.


​ Alex Ryo Kurosu

​Alex Ryo Kurosu [CEO]

Born in 1992

Graduated from Keio University SFC


Serial entrepreneur, planning producer. Growing up in an international family environment from an early age. At the age of 20, he took advantage of his experience working at a student company (Keio SFC) with his colleagues and founded a second company at the age of 25. We support the recruitment of about 70 companies, including venture companies, foreign companies, and listed companies. Set up an office in Nihonbashi and earned 51 points from Teikoku Databank in the first year of operation. Transferred all shares in the fourth term. After that, he moved to Mt. Fuji to expand his physical perspective and think about the future three-dimensionally.


Surrounded by friends with good taste, I freely enjoy fantasies and dialogues, give form to my ideas, and practice with Mt.Fuji, focusing on the romance of Japan's creation.

Company Profile

English name: PNEUMA Inc.

Japanese name: PNEUMA Co., Ltd.

Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

August 30, 2022

5,000,000 yen

CEO Alex Ryo Kurosu

6 (as of August 2022)

Planning and production, event management, advertising through media for ideas and things with sleeping value

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