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Mt. Fuji Night Tour




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Night Safari

Asagiri Highland



Lake Motosu


Bar Time with

Special Experience & Art

Motosuko Dive Resort (MDR)


Drop Off

3 Points of the Tour

Point1. Night Safari

 Aokigahara Forest was formed over a thousand years ago from hardened lava from Mt. Fuji's eruption, which created rich soil for a unique, dense woodland.

 We go to meet the animals that are active at night and live deep in this forest. If we're lucky, we may find deer, raccoons, and badgers, among others.

 After passing through the thick forest, you'll find a vast area similar to the Alps.

 There, you can view the impressive Mt. Fuji and a star-filled sky.


Point2. Stargazing

 We safely take you to a secret location in Lake Motosu, which has the highest water clarity in Mt. Fuji area, blessed with rich water sources.   This place is not marked on the map. The things you see and feel here create a truly unforgettable and special moment, one that will stay with you forever.

 Also many Jomon pottery pieces, which were used about 4,000 years ago, have been descoverd from Lake Motosu which is featured on the back of the current 1,000 yen bill in Japan.

 Please enjoy a unusual time in this place that has been highly valued by the Japanese people from ancient times to the present day.


Bar Time with Special Experience & Art

 Enjoy the unique pairing of local ingredients from Mt. Fuji region and special Japanese sake in the members-only lounge at Motosuko Dive Resort (MDR), located in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Mt Fuji. During that time, you can learn how to express appreciation for food and life by casually learning traditional Japanese food culture.

 Please enjoy the carefully selected ingredients and Japanese culture in a relaxed atmosphere.


Living with animals in the forest and the mysterious lake
"The Forest Guardians"


Eisuke Furuya
Representative of Motosuko Dive Resort (MDR)

 For Eisuke Furuya, the owner of "Motosuko Dive Resort (MDR)" who lives in this forest, deer are not only a blessing of nature but also a subject to be respected. Mr. Furuya's hunting method involves using ropes to secure trapped prey, choosing to avoid using a gun whenever possible. Before taking the life of the hunted animal, Mr. Furuya kindly communicates, offers prayers for a future reunion, and respectfully takes their life with gratitude.   
In the Furuya method, every part of the animal is used to its maximum potential. For example, horns, bones, and skin are used for artistic purposes.  Even the organs are repurposed for pet food, so no part of the animal is wasted.
In addition, Mr. Furuya has also partnered with luxury hotels around Mt. Fuji, offering tour options such as "Hunting Experience Tour to Learn about Life and Food," which is very popular even costs over 100,000 yen per night. 
With Mr. Furuya, known for providing exclusive experiences to VIPs and celebrities worldwide, overseeing Mt. Fuji Night Tour, we promise it to be the most special experience in the Mt. Fuji region.

Can we have a fun on rainy days?

 The mysterious forest and lake is even more fantastical atmosphere in rainy or cloudy days. The sound of rain falling on the lake is so relaxing.

 Don't worry about getting your clothes dirty, we provide waterproof clothing and boots.

On the days when Mt. Fuji isn't visible and you feel disappointed, let's turn it into a special trip by enjoying the rain and the energy of Mt. Fuji.


Price ¥25,000/per


※Same-day bookings are accepted until 4 PM.

1. QR Code

2. Booking Site:

Included in the tour package

・Hotel pick-up and drop-off (Meet in a your hotel lobby)
・Photography service
・Light refreshments and beverages (please refer to the menu for details)
・Cold-weather gear
・Rain gear (boots, raincoats, etc.)
・Lighting equipment


5 Adults

※ Please contact us for groups of 6 or more.

Cancellations and refunds

To cancel your booking, please contact us directly. 
Kindly review the following cancellation policy.

・Full refund: Cancel by 7:00 PM the day before the tour.
・No refund:  Cancel after 7:00 PM the day before or on the day of the tour.

Please note that in case of inclement weather, the tour may be canceled. 
In such cases, a full refund will be provided. Thank you for your understanding.


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions

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